I know what it’s like to be properly cared for

I’m heavy. I’m being treated.

It is a high-end care shop famous for gold ring management.

He is famous for managing celebrities.

Anti-aging, skin jab, cellulite decomposition, etc.

It is said to be very effective for skin care and body care.

The fitting room and the management room are connected.

I could take off my clothes and move to the management room right away.

I’m a 천안건마 double shock.

I decided to take care of my face.

He said he would take care of it with a handwritten gold ring.

I’m sorry, but…

Is the temperature okay?

How’s the intensity?

You gave me a lot of thoughtfulness.

It’s so cool.

Dorsal care goes down to the bottom of the hip.

My hands are too strong.

In my case, my mitral muscle is broken.

His back was really clumped together.

I’ve been thinking about it until it’s released.

I want you to pick it up yourself.

They’re releasing it with a gold ring.

I felt like I was burning up when I received it.

My back was too tight and throbbing because I got it wrong.

And the next day, I was double shocked.

My pain is gone.

It was refreshing.

When I got it,

I thought it would be so refreshing.

It’s cooler after I got it than when I received it.

I felt like I had to come back.

The gold ring feels like a hot ondol.

I had menstrual cramps.

I’m getting a massage with a hot gold ring.

As the whole body warms up, the pain subsides.

If you get bloated with menstrual cramps,

It would be nice to visit.

It’s cool and refreshing when you go in and out of the spa.

I feel that way when I get a gold ring.

It was amazing.

Once the gold ring is under control,

There’s a part that turns red like a boom.

My face is always like that.

It’s just plain skin, so if you irritate it a little bit, it’ll turn red.

It’s going to sinks quickly.

You don’t have to worry about sensitive people.

It’s really cool in the back.

After my whole body was really refreshed,

Before you take care of your face,

She managed by pressing down on the mitral muscles.

Crushing the mitral root is really not easy.

It’s really possible here.

It used to be really hard before, but it’s getting softer.

It’s as loose as you can chew with your hands.

Are you really a magician’s hand?

How do I solve it?

She also takes care of her face.

You think my facial muscles are gonna pop out?

He let me go.

If you touch it, you can feel the developed muscles.

He said he let me go.

And I’m really professional depending on my work.

Please take care of me until I come out.

I really like Mr. Lee.

People who open their eyes with the muscles of their foreheads like me.

Make sure to massage between your eyebrows.

It’s so different.

I hope you take good care of your cheekbones.

Goldring, who manages his back,

He wrote it on his face.

It was amazing that gold rings were different for each part.

You’re really taking care of him with that.

I think there’s blood in my throat.

It’s like we’re all together and we’re drilling those holes.

Can you see it?

It is not very stimulating.

My skin turns red even with a small irritation.

He sold me a mask pack that had a calming effect.

It smells like lemon.

I felt refreshed

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