Women’s Spring Cody Concept Recommended Luxury

Are you having a good and happy day today?!
It’s like the weather is suddenly getting better
Some of you have been traveling
to the utmost, in the range that does not run into people
I’m sure you’re not gonna be able to
I felt like I had a lot of feeling.
You always look at the temperature and the weather attire
I appreciate the fashion cut
I’ve got it ready.
it fits with the warm weather which is near
I’ve got a spring cody ready for you.
So today, I recommend women’s luxury sneakers
Gucci Lyton Tilogo and the luxury sneakers are used
I’ve been wearing some codycuts and fashion cuts today
I’ve been preparing for a frank review.
I’ll show you right now!

Once this week’s temperature is at a minimum of -1 degrees to a maximum of 11 degrees
There’s a little difference in the date, but
Generally, you may lighten your attire
There’s a good weather going on.

I’ve arranged the dress according 레플리카 to the required temperature
This week, mainly from coats, jackets, knits, jeans or leggings.
Generally, it’s a lot colder than the weather
Prepare with a little light attire
I think it’s good!

Women’s Luxury Snickers Recommended
Gucci Raiton Tilogo Luxury Sports Shoes

I’m not gonna be able to get
I have a bunch of them, but I’ll show them.
I missed the time, so I took the first unboxing picture
It’s been a long time.
The date of the photo file says 2019.11.20
I was surprised to see you again.
I had to do a blunt upload
There are no Gucci sneakers or Gucci sneakers in the keychael
I just passed it over and it’s too much time

I bought it in 2019
At that time, I bought it for 1.1 million won
It’s 1,250,000 won now.
2018 Prepol Collection Products
Since this band logo came out,
You think from this Gucciriton bandrogo
I think it’s a lot.

printed with the Gucci vintage logo
Ivory leather type
There’s 45mm Hill, so I’m not gonna be able to
I was glad it didn’t feel like I was sticking.
If you take out the soles of the rubber brush type, the inside is treated like this.
I’m originally wearing sizes 245-250
It was perfect because I wore a size 245!

It’s a big deal, but it’s a big deal
It’s available for purchase.
Try it on at the nearest store
I think it’s good to buy it.

black mini dress and jacket
And when I was coordinating with the Gucci luxury sneakers
I did it in time for spring weather, but it’s feminine
It’s really a wicket-roller item because it suits you well with your feel attire
I wanted to.

Even with leggings and yoga suits
It’s really nice
It’s so good to match here and there!

I’ve tried it in line with the warm weather in today’s seed clothes
Two tall women’s spring cody

Outer: Zara Tweedjacket S-size
Top: Zara Longsleeve T-shirt XS size
Skirt: Shaskirt White F size
Back: Gucci beltback
Shoes: Gucci Raiton luxury sneakers 245mm
Acc: Dior sunglasses, mid-neck shirring Sachs, Vivian coffee color stockings

It was perfect weather if it wasn’t windy, but I don’t know
I’m not sure I’m going up on the roof to get as much massage as I can
The wind was really blowing.
But it wasn’t cold to wear like this

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