You said it was like you had wings on your body

How’s your start? Last weekend, I went to get a massage at the best water management in Gwanggyo, Suwon, with my ex-wife
I was sent to the 출장안마 handwriting massage shop because I thought it would be better to get a handwriting massage that can be a little more focused care, because my ex-wife is sick because she has a lot of menopause and sleeps at night and has a lot of rats in her calf.
On an exceptionally good day, I took a bus in front of my house and was located at Gwanggyo Worldmark World Square 71, the best water management that arrived at once. I climbed up the escalator and found it easily
The interior was simple, but there was a counter, and a simple consultation before the massage, and it was a quiet place because it was a reservation system, and we felt focused on us. It was much cheaper to get massages at a member’s price than to massage them in general
The director asked her very carefully where she was uncomfortable. I knew it for the first time, but she said she had a neck disk. My mother explained the sick area in detail, so I thought it would be better to manage the whole body, so I chose it as a whole body hand massage
I followed you to the guide and there were three rooms in the hallway and your mother got a massage in the innermost room
Before I get a massage, I change clothes in the dressing room and prepare a massage! I looked inside while my mother changed clothes
The third room and the first and second room where my mother was the biggest to get a massage, and each pillow had a makeup cover, so it seemed easy for the makeup people to get down
On one wall of the room where I would receive the massage, there was a chart on which my mother had been conducting the consultation.
My mother, who changed her clothes to get a massage, went up to the bed to get a massage, and the director came to give me a massage!
The massage started with covering the body with a towel and checking each one based on the parts that my mother said in the preliminary consultation!
Even if I asked you to be sick, your mother was awkward and did not answer well, so she led the conversation and joked and relaxed her mother.
The director wriggled about the pain in every place he touched while checking before the massage, and he was in a bad condition, so I wanted him to get better after the massage. Especially in the calf part, I was very sick because I had a rat recently.
I was really good at explaining the part where the nerves are connected and explaining it easily and easily, and said, “When you massage this part, you will get better.”
After the back and leg massage, you checked the neck part. My mother explained that the reason for the neck disk was the date, and she explained the posture needed when lying down.
He gave me a full-body massage for about an hour, and my mother said that her body was rigid and hard. I think you have become worse because you are old even though you usually exercise.
He also explained how to stretch alone at home for his mother, who usually has a good leg.
I finished my shoulder massage and finished my whole body hand massage! After the massage, I saw my mother’s face and her color was completely different

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