I think all the actors who made special appearances showed great acting skills to create a perfect web hard site.

Immediately after the midterm exam, I started watching Vincenzo, a webhard that my girlfriend had recommended so much, and I wonder how many days it took to watch the last episode.
I think I lived in Vincenzo after watching more than once almost every day.
Originally, I don’t like or enjoy watching webhard, but once I start watching it, I see the end of it, and I think I was able to enjoy it more because the setting, content, and actors’ acting were great webhard.

A boy who was abandoned by his Korean parents and adopted by an Italian family becomes Consilieri, a lawyer for the most feared mafia organization, under the name Vincenzo Casano.
After his boss dies, he leaves Italy for Korea, taking his last revenge on the opposition organization that killed him.
The reason he went to Korea was because of the huge amount of gold hidden there, and he once helped a Chinese businessman who was in a business relationship and hid his slush fund in Korea.
When the businessman suddenly died of a heart attack, only Vincenzo Casano and Cho Young-in, president of South Korea, who helped him and the businessman were left to know the location of the secret room.
Vincenzo wanted to go abroad with slush funds as soon as possible and live a quiet life.

But the slush fund was hidden underground in a building called Geumga Plaza, where Vincenzo faced the Babel Group, one of South Korea’s largest companies, and the nation’s largest law firm idol, to fight corruption among the country’s top powers.

1 Original Setting: Based on Vincenzo’s plot, one might think it’s a cliche that’s not much different from any other political crime webhard.
But one of the reasons most viewers of the Webhard have been so enthusiastic is the very original setting of the Italian mafia.

In most cases, this kind of webhard is the main theme of the confrontation between good and evil.
A beautiful ending to a helper who fought and ended up in love with a successful and successful punishment in the process of saving and punishing those who were harmed by the evil plan and actions of evil. Of course, there’s definitely a love line in this webhard. But I don’t think it’s big enough to hurt the whole content of Webhard.
Anyway, what I want to say here is that Vincenzo is far from this obvious setting.

There is also a clear evil in this webhard.
Babel Group and Idol Law Firm. And many who are loyal to them, expecting even a small drop of Congo water.
They are evil and psychopathic enough to mercilessly kill so many innocent people and throw a party that night.
However, in terms of the confrontation between good and evil, it is unreasonable to think that the main character, Vincenzo Casano, who should be on the good side, is a definite good.
Looking at his past track record in the Italian mafia organization, he is never less evil than the actions of villains, and he always becomes a villain and fights when dealing with villains in Korea.
One rule of Vincenzo Cassano is mentioned in Webhard if forgettable.

If you do something wrong, you have to pay the price. That is the principle of the mafia.

Ambassador of Vincenzo in Webhard Vincenzo.

He judges the misdeeds in every episode like a god and makes them pay the right price.
Sometimes it loses its status, sometimes it brings shame, sometimes it causes pain, and most it kills. That’s right.
In this webhard, the main character is a person who can’t find any good thinking, such as saving a person’s life more than his own, cherishing a villain’s life, or changing a villain’s life.
In the story, there is a scene in which innocent people are trapped in cars and killed by suffocation, and they pay back the same.
He leaves the following comments after the killers are equally locked up in cars and sprayed with gas to learn about the victims’ pain and extract information from them.
They’ve been generous because they don’t want to recycle trash, and today’s tolerance is to kill less painfully than the victims they kill. The next scene is a car locked up with fallen killers slowly submerged in a river.
In the last episode, the scene of the final killing of the villain’s masterminds was so cruel that there were likes and dislikes.
There were also many responses to whether there could be such a cruel scene on the domestic webhard.

Vincenzo is a villain, but viewers felt vicarious satisfaction and catharsis with the new and hollow way of fighting.
The ending of killing villains who have brutally killed people and committed all kinds of psychopathic acts, not just sending them away, but killing them far more miserable and horribly than their victims, has drawn sympathy in a new way.
It is hoped that criminals who commit corruption by using their status as trash existing in reality will be punished by appearing like Webhard.

2 Actors’ Luxury Acting Skills: Song Joong-ki, who played the main character Vincenzo, Jeon Yeo-bin, who played his helper Hong Cha-young, Ok Taek-yeon, Kim Yeo-jin, Kwak Dong-yeon, and Cho Han-cheol, who played villains, have further improved the perfection of the work.
Since I am a person who is completely ignorant of Italian culture or Italian, I did not have much interest in how accurate Song Joong-ki’s Italian grammar is and how awkward and natural it is.
What was important to me was that when he spoke Italian he was ‘feeling’ like an Italian mafia without looking awkward at all.
His Italian and other Vincenzo performances were outstanding enough to make him feel free to see him as a mafia consilieri.
No matter how good the story and setting were, it would have been perfect if the actor acting it was awkward, but actor Song Joong-ki thought he played 100% of the Italian mafia even though he was Korean.

There is also a lot of praise for actor Kwak Dong-yeon, who plays Jang Han-seo, the vice chairman of Babel Group and the younger brother of final boss Jang Han-seok.
Personally, I hoped Jang Han-seo would not die in the last episode and lead the Babel Group or make a new start, but I was very sorry to end up being killed by my brother.
Actor Kwak Dong-yeon’s future activities are all the more anticipated as small details and 웹하드 사이트 facial expressions make viewers more immersed.
And I think the rest of the leading actors, supporting actors, Yoo Jae-myung and other special actors all showed great acting skills to create a perfect web hard site.
I enjoyed my eyes and ears very much with the luxury acting throughout the webhard!

Closing Review 3: I personally think the Golden Plaza supporting roles were great.
At first, people who thought they were just ignorant and insignificant underdogs took out their hidden images one by one to protect their precious things and fought against villains gave hope to viewers frustrated by their weakness and lack somewhere.

We weren’t the weak, we weren’t trying to be strong.

Kwak Hee-soo’s Ambassador to Webhard Vincenzo

Just because you believe you can doesn’t mean you can do it unconditionally. You can’t do it unconditionally because you want to.
However, there is no one who can stop a person who believes he can and has the will to do it if he knows how to do it.
The people of Geumga Plaza were all people who didn’t know how.
But Vincenzo taught them how to protect their precious things on their own and changed from a man who did not want to be strong to a man who was strong.
Maybe you can’t do it yourself. I’m already just an underdog. If I thought I couldn’t change this situation in my power, you might be just a person who doesn’t want to be as weak as you think.
In fact, it may be the eleventh inhabitant of Gumga Plaza, who has tremendous potential and abilities but doesn’t know how to use them.
So I recommend you not to give up and find a way to be strong.
I hope you’ll be your Vincenzo yourself!

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