We’ve managed every single consultant or temporary administrative staff member.

The Sinchon seal, widely known as the Brazilian jiujitsu, is the only authentic Brazilian oil seal in Sinchon.

Brazilian Confucianism is more accessible than the difficult Jiu-Jitsu term because all technology systems are in Korean, so even beginners can understand it once they hear it.

The background of Brazilian martial arts is not only Jiu-Jitsu but also hitting machine-oriented sports such as kickboxing and boxing.

It’s the 15th stage today, but when Sinchon City was in the 2nd stage, they asked me a lot if the seal was operating normally.

Of course, except for the period of time when the city ordered a ban on collection, it’s operating normally every day, following the basic quarantine rules.

Most of them recognize the excellence of Brazilian jiujitsu Brazilian martial arts, but sometimes they don’t even know what Brazilian martial arts is, and they just walk by and watch it and it looks so much fun that they join it right away.

Whenever that happens, people who look younger or students ask them to think carefully one more time, but those who are fascinated come to exercise hard even when it rains cats and dogs.

People who know well about Brazilian martial arts can understand it well, but why do people who don’t know it quickly become Brazilian martial arts enthusiasts?

By far, for one or two reasons, Brazilian Confucianism would not have grown this far.

Among them, I think the best reason is sincere consideration for beginners.

I think most of them are very considerate of beginners, especially young students and women.

But it’s only the invisible consideration of a leader.

Sincere consideration for beginners is important, but it is not visible.
What you don’t actually do.
And it’s just the basics to the point, and what beginners really want is a visible beginner program.

It’s a systematic novice program, to put it in a trap.

Of course, real beginners come in without even knowing there’s a beginner program, but most people come in thinking that they’ll learn in order.

For example, the white belt of Taekwondo, the yellow belt, the Poomse Taegeuk 1 sheet, 2 sheets, the green belt, and the blue belt, the Taegeuk 3 sheet, 4 sheets.
I think there’s some sort of systematic sequence in this way, but as soon as I come in, I’m learning the same thing as someone over two years old.
He follows me right away, but I can’t follow him no matter how many times he comes next to me, so I end up thinking about my partner, working out, getting stressed, blaming myself, and self-justifying.

Most of the general jiujitsu masters don’t have the order to learn.
If we survive, we’ll be intermediate, but most of us don’t have a single grain of white belt.

School life, work life is nothing short of a miserable survival game.

I have a question.

That’s the way it was at the gym.
This is the right way.
They say that’s how we’ve all been taught.

Why should we even play survival games in the gym?

If you’re an aspiring athlete, you’ll have to prepare for a desperate survival game, but you’ll have to struggle to survive even when you’re on a diet or doing this exercise for self-defense.
These thoughts are overwhelming in people’s minds just before they quit.

For example, Taekwondo, the first person to join today should learn how to hold a fist first.
I have to learn how to hit the opponent with my part. As soon as I get here, I kick with the black belt.

For this reason, there’s a rare sight that you can only see in Brazilian jiujitsu, which is hard to see in a regular gym.

I’m sure you came to the same class at the same time, but if there are two or three classes, you can divide them into four or more classes.

Especially for beginners, novices can learn between novices. As a result, the efficiency of the class increases, and the period of getting a beginner’s ticket is surprisingly fast.
It’s not the first time I’ve ever learned to fall forward.
The picture above shows you learning to fall forward to protect your body from falling forward.
You can never teach dangerous skills without learning how to fall.
It’s still a very sloppy posture, but after a few minutes, you’ll understand and follow a certain posture. You’ll have fun starting from then on.

If you’re alone or have two or fewer novices, you’ll get 1:1 lessons from an instructor or a master. The trust you have built up during that period can help you overcome when you’re tired or in a slump.

For these reasons, people who knew it before or who were introduced to it, and people who registered for it, are recognizing the value of Brazilian art and people are still exercising.

But it wasn’t a problem at all in the past, but since the Corona era, too many officials have been burdened.
Or there are people who are concerned that it might be dangerous.

However, even if there are few public officials, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe. On the contrary, even if there are a lot of public officials, it can be safe depending on how thoroughly they follow quarantine rules or how much the company’s CEO cares.

You know what?

For the safety and convenience of members, Sinchon is the only indoor sports facility in Sinchon to thoroughly manage passengers, counselors, and temporary management office staff, as well as others, because many companies are more careful about 브라질리언 주짓수 quarantine rules.

Leaders take turns visiting the seal even when there are no classes for ventilation and disinfection, as well as automatic hand sanitizers and thermometers.

Even the inspection team of the quarantine company praised us for pioneering the quarantine system, cleanliness and convenience.

In return for your love and interest in the Brazilian art museum, we would like to hold a month-long event in June.

We regularly donate some of our tuition fees to a sponsoring organization called World Vision.

a sweat that is already shedding
Let’s be proud of ourselves, do good things, and work hard.

I’m not sweating for nothing.

Our mayor is also taking the lead in nurturing strong elementary school students.

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