It’s the end of a fun shopping trip!

On the first floor of the Maison Glad Hotel on the second day of the SS Hotel.

Let’s go to the largest luxury editing 레플리카 shop and leave a review of our shopping!

On the last day, there was a lot of chirping, and the weather was so bad.

I liked it, so the breakfast was so good before I checked out!

Oh, my God. I just felt good.

When you go out on the terrace in the morning, you can’t really describe the temperature and sunlight!

It was so, so, so good.

My husband who went out on Instagram and took a hidden camera.
Finally, the journey for two nights and three days is over.

Checked out in the lobby!
But I still drink tea at a cafe in the hotel.

It was a day when I decided to look around the sea as much as I wanted!

Isn’t the cafe so pretty?

The weather was so nice that I was sitting by the window with the ocean in view of the window and taking time out of time!

No matter where you go, you’ll have to go to the cafe.

I don’t think there’s any place other than the SS Hotel that has a warm, sunny view without wind!

We have grilled bar rice cake and roasted sweet potatoes that our manager sells.

I’ll be full after breakfast, but just taste it.

They said it was so good, so I asked for one, so I ate it.

I should’ve gotten them when I gave them both.

The sea is so pretty, right?

It’s really just one lap around here, and it’s just so, so…

I love it!!

I can’t put it in words!

But on the last day, I was in a bad condition and I wasn’t feeling well.

I moved up my flight and went straight to the airport. crying

So there was nothing to do, and the last day passed sadly.

There’s one reason I wasn’t disappointed!

Shopping at the Florence editing shop, which was announced in the previous posting!
The way to shopping is always exciting.
Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

When I was in the Shilla Hotel, there were two small shops.

I bought Gucci shoes, mufflers, and Fendi mufflers from an editorial shop called Florence.

It’s not a real national item, it’s not a used shop, it’s a product that comes in a few times on the day.

There is an editing shop that displays the products and sells them right away!

I’ve been to Louis Vuitton inside the Lotte Hotel, but I don’t handle shoes.

I only have a bag.

Because the shoes were my goal.

He’s headed straight for the airport, the opposite direction of the SS Hotel.

There’s a pretty space on the first floor after parking.

I am embarrassed by my husband’s saying that he will take a picture of me. My purpose is shopping.

I did my way.

My favorite colored flower basket!

After purchasing everything, the CEO here? Ma’am? You’re one of you.

It felt like my birthday!

The Shilla Hotel manager told me that we are guests of Silla.

They gave me a good price, leaving out the back seats.

I bought a bunch of shoes, a clutch, a wallet, and so on.

Your wife.

Give her some coffee. What are you doing?

Take the back seat when you pay.

I couldn’t take the inside picture because I was shopping.

From clothes to shoes, there were many things to see!

But it wasn’t very cheap, and it was a shopping time where I couldn’t go abroad.

And since it’s big feet, I just got the remaining size!

Then I’ll show you the products I bought!

They’re all pretty. You really picked the right one.
It’s my mom’s gift, but it’s a Fendi muffler!

Hearts are minky and full of cat hips.

It’s so lovely every time I do it.

It’s prettier if you coordinate it!

I’m so satisfied with my mother!
Even Bottega wallets don’t have much discount! It’s my mom’s style. These two are my mom’s gift.

The red line Prada shoes back there were so light.

I asked my husband to wear them, and he said he’d never wear them if he died.

He says it’s not his style.

She said it was so pretty to talk to her at home, but she didn’t watch it because it was expensive.

But I forced her into buying it! It’s too light and the best everyday item!

The yellow robot in front of you is mine!

These two are mine!!! I’m really big-footed. Wow.

How come my style is still here?

I don’t have the size of a domestic shoe, so I have to be generous anyway.

Then we’d better just go to the editing shop and live like this.the following:

I thought we should come to Jeju Island often.

I don’t think you heard the answer.

This clutch feels like a slightly coated canvas?

It was so my style that I bought it for you!

In my eyes, he’s so good with my brother.

And the Gucci muffler I bought!

It’s gold and Gucci’s logo.
The backside is so pretty too! It’s a kid’s item.

But I’ll do it because it’s pretty! Buy as
The lining is so pretty, right? Gina, you can just blink when you wind it up!

It’s actually a little too small for me to tie it neatly.

But I don’t want to give it to the kids! It’s my baby.

You were pretty when you styled it like this.
This is how I feel about my honeymoon.

It’s the end of a fun shopping trip!

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