I’m helping you run your business.

Marketing always comes with money.

Casting famous stars,

Collaborating with broadcasting programs,

It’s very effective.

It’s more than you can imagine.

It’s worth the investment.

It’s hard to invest right now.

Small and medium-sized businesses have a hard time making sure they don’t.

It’s not an easy way to proceed.

So eventually, the choice is blog marketing.

The cost of blog marketing is comparable to that of other things.

It’s relatively cheap.

Of course, it’s all relative.

I was actually looking at blog marketing costs.

It’s higher than the budget we measured, and you’re embarrassed.

There’s a lot.

There’s hardly a place where 구글 상위노출 I can keep up with my budget.

If you keep up with the budget, it doesn’t guarantee effectiveness.

Or by degrading the quality of the marketing itself.

There’s a place where you pay for it.

Satisfactory results and satisfactory prices

Is it hard to catch both of them?

On Platform AdMedia,

No matter what advertisers you’re with,

We’re meeting your blog marketing costs.

Of course, it’s not a way of degrading quality.

The most effective way to do it within the budget.

I suggest marketing methods.

By setting the contract duration short,

We’re also meeting the budget.

You usually choose to shorten the contract period.

This means that advertisers don’t have to worry about marketing.

He’s happy to be able to get started.

And the advertisers are not the only ones who are the advertisers.

one’s own investment

The cost of blog marketing

So that you can be satisfied.

Proceed with the Sales Guarantee Service.

That’s because if you don’t reach your target revenue,

We’re extending the contract for free.

The target amount is before you write the contract.

Conduct business status, commercial area analysis, etc.

Set the amount according to the advertiser.

First of all, this method is to sign a contract.

It’s a clear indication.

It’s got a legal effect.

I’m gonna make sure right now.

I can’t tell you the cost of blog marketing.

The cost is detailed according to the advertisement share.

Because it’s different.

So if you’re worried about your budget, you can talk to them.

Please check it out.

And if you want, you can have an in-depth consultation for free.

I’m helping you run your business.

You’re not forcing me to sign an “absolute” contract.

You can contact me at your convenience and have enough conversation.

I hope you’ll think about it enough.

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