It’s open 365 days a year, so you can visit anytime comfortably.

Hello, everyone. Half the week has passed and if you work hard today, you’ll find an exciting Friday! The cold weather that kept going has passed and I didn’t feel as cold as I expected from this morning. But it’s supposed to rain from afternoon to early tomorrow. I wish it would stop snowing and raining. Personally, I like to go to massage shops when I’m tired these days. So today, I’m going to introduce you to the Bupyeong Emotional Massage Shop that I used to go to often. Shall we find out together now?
Bupyeong Emotional Massage – Aura
The first shop I’m going to introduce to you is Aura located near Bupyeong Station in Incheon. There is also a massage discount event that gives discounts when writing reviews such as blogs, cafes, and SNS. It’s made up of all Korean massage administrators, so you can have a very meticulous and comfortable time. You can visit the building in 5 minutes on foot from Exit 11 of Bupyeong Station Underground Shopping Center, so there is no inconvenience to visit by car.
The program is divided into three courses: Emotional Swedish course, Brasilian waxing course, and Terawaxing (package). Emotional Swedish A course is 90,000 won for 70 minutes, B course is 110,000 won for 90 minutes, Brasilian waxing medium 80,000 won, and high quality is 100,000 won. Business 파주건마 hours are from noon to 12 pm, and you can inquire 24 hours a day.
Bupyeong Emotional Massage – The Pritherapy
The second shop I’m going to introduce is The Pritherapy located in Samsan-dong, Bupyeong-gu. It is a therapy shop that specializes in Swedish massage and Romiromi massage. There are Korean massage managers who have completed all the therapy courses, so you can get very professional care. It takes only 2 minutes on foot from Gulpocheon Station and there is a parking facility in the building, so you can use your car without any inconvenience.
There are two types of Swedish/Romeomi/Sensual courses. A course consists of 70,000 won for 60 minutes and B course 90,000 won for 90 minutes. Business hours are from noon to 3 a.m., and if your phone is turned off, it is random holiday or closing, so you must call in advance and visit.
Bupyeong Emotional Massage – Herb Aroma
The last shop I will introduce is Herb Aroma located in Cheongna-dong, Incheon. It is a therapy shop that focuses on Swedish massage, aroma massage, and emotional healing therapy. It is composed of professional therapy talents, creating an atmosphere that makes the whole body drowsy with the scent. It consists of Korean and Chinese massage managers, and there is a parking space under the building, so you can get care without any inconvenience by using your car.
The program consists of a single Swedish herb aroma course. It’s set at a reasonably low price of 100,000 won for 80 minutes. The business hours are from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., and they are open 365 days a year, so you can visit anytime you want.

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