He’s loosened his lower body and he’s massaging his shoulders

I’m at an age where I have to take care of myself, and I always drink like this.

These days, I can’t get over my body after pouring it’s swollen.

Strangely, every morning I feel so heavy, my face and…

I feel like I’m 천안건마 swollen all over.

She said there was no problem going to the hospital and drinking alcohol.

I came back after hearing that I should cut it down.

One of my friends who knows my problems,

She recommended me to get a massage.

A few years ago, I was on a business trip to Thailand, and I had a Thai massage once a day.

It reminds me of my experience.

My whole body is heavy and my legs are swollen, so I can’t get a massage.

I thought it would be a good way.

I got a lot of home ties in Thailand a few years ago.

I have experience, and once I get it, I’ll see if this place

I’m confident that I can tell if it’s not at once.

In our country, the place where the Thai massage works is really…

I have doubts about it, but I’m not being fooled.

I’m going to get a massage.

Before I call the company recommended by my friend,

I called some companies that I found after searching the Internet.

I don’t know if you’re too lazy to accept guests or not.

I didn’t like the annoying attitude, so I hung up right away.

The second company is kind, but I’m asking you,

It’s like a company that doesn’t answer properly and lacks expertise.

I didn’t like this place because I didn’t trust it.

My friend’s had a lot of massage here and there.

I decided to believe him and called the company.

Fortunately, I felt better because of the friendly attitude of answering the phone.

Please explain the massage course in advance and choose between them.

Tell them to do it. It’s their first time, so they’re going to take a

I made a reservation because I got a recommendation.

It’s a massage parlor.

My friend has received a lot of home ties so far, and this company…

I asked you what was the difference between the best compliments.

He said he didn’t get a massage that he liked about five times.

A seemingly unprofessional massager came in, and I just wanted to make it light.

It was as if you were rubbing it and you didn’t have any strength and just did it.

Don’t you think you should get a proper massage?

And I heard that most of the places are really annoying.

They say that they take some time off and do massages.

Just because you found this company after a few failures,

I recommended it, and you told me to believe that I would never fail.

I didn’t think I would fail because my friend recommended me this.

It’s the day I booked the Thai massage.

On that day, my shoulders were stiff and my calves were swollen.

Of course, I’d love to be in good shape, but I’m not in good shape.

I came to work thinking that it was a good time.

On this day, I went home right away without making an appointment.

I’m sure you all know the merits of this home tie, but I’m sure you’ll find

You can get it and you can get it when you want.

After work, I’ll have a quick meal and wait for the reservation time.

The massage parlor visited the house on time.

You brought a lot of stuff.

I’ll tell the massager that my body is swollen a lot these days.

I asked you to strengthen your shoulders and lower body.

First of all, he’s so kind that I can’t say anything about kindness anymore.

I was able to receive it while having a fun conversation.

I’ve been getting a lot of massage in Thailand.

I could tell that he was a professional massage learner.

It’s not just a pain, it’s just a pain in the calf.

It was definitely different for me to massage him

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