At times like this, I miss the old days because I was having fun with my worries all over my head.

I did jiujitsu after a long time.

I trained for almost 3 years before, and I won 14 medals in 17 competitions!
It’s already…It’s been five years.

If you think about it like this, time seems to be very fast.
If you point to a particular act and a specific memory.

Anyway! While I was in touch with the instructor, I suddenly went to exercise.

jiujitsu players
There were many happy faces when I went there. I went to the new army, stayed in Seoul for almost two more years, and they continued training in jiujitsu!

Those who used to be easy on me, now they play with me like a pile.
Time and effort, never betray. While I was regressing, they grew up!

Especially, I was glad to see my brother after a long time. He was a white belt five years ago.
He’s already wearing a purple belt!

With my brother.
He’s nine years older than me, and he’s really young.
He said he would open his own business in March, so he decided to visit his workplace.

With my brother.

By the way, you said…
Yunho, you forgot your jiujitsu skills!
You don’t remember a thing!


I couldn’t think of what to do either.
In the middle of a battle.

But my body still reacts, even if I forget it with my head, my body must remember it instinctively.

11-year-old kids.

These are my dear friends.
When they first entered the gym in the second grade of middle school,
He’s been taking care of me a lot. I’ve been carrying her around.

I had grown beyond myself before I knew it.

This pride is beyond description.
Especially that brown-banded friend…I used to hang out a lot because my house was close.
Riding a board, eating ramen on the street.

At times like this, I miss the old days because I was having fun with my worries all over my head.

a polite cut

What pose should I take it in?
He said we should take it in this position.
They’re… they’re not old enough.

Anyway, I enjoyed exercising and met many people I was glad to see.

It was a pity that I couldn’t take pictures with everyone I met after a long time.
But! Slowly, I will stop by the gym and take a lot of pictures and post them.

With the captain.

After finishing the exercise, I went to get some chi-mac with my instructor.
It’s to talk about this and that in a long time, and to talk about everything in depth.

Even though we met for the first time in a long time and talked, we talked seriously without any awkwardness.
I think that’s a good idea. A meeting with a person whom you can always meet at any time, without hesitation.

What was this barbecue boneless? No. Rib boneless chicken?
I can’t remember names like this very well.
You just have to eat.

However, they never leave food behind. Make sure to 주짓수 get rid of it neatly.

Crown draft beer
Crown draft beer
It’s draft beer in a slightly frozen glass.

You know what? When you’re hungry after the workout…The food you eat.
Just when your body can suck anything… Did you drink a glass of beer?

The feeling is beyond description. The feeling of riding through the blood vessels of the whole body.
Beer eaten after exercise can be said to be true.

Pictures from 5 years ago

This picture was taken five years ago.
I still have a lot of pictures taken when I was doing jiujitsu on my external hard drive.
However, I attached it here because it came out easily by googling.

I think this was… the time when I was in the middle of a hard time.
You broke up with someone you loved with all your heart and soul, and you went through another ordeal.Push it all the way to the head.
Well, that was the time. I worked hard on the exercise to burn my whole body.

The shortest time in the gym, the shortest time to win a blue belt, sweep a competition medals…
Back then, I was… not kidding. I was crazy.

Looking back, the precious moments, the hearts and feelings of those moments, still remain on the side of my heart.

If I live this year with the heat of that time, I will surely make a great achievement.
Just as Jujitsu amateur Koo Yoon-ho did, I have no doubt that businessman Koo Yoon-ho will win numerous medals.
Everyone wants to exercise, but now because of Corona19,
Many people are having a hard time because they can’t exercise.
But now March, when I’m about to start a little by little,
It’s coming up.
We can enjoy sports and want to have fun.
It’s not too hard and exhausting exercise, but happy together.
I want to be an exercise.
Moorim is a program that even beginners can enjoy training.
It’s made up.
If you’re bored, you can lose your own battles.
I can’t have fun for a long time.
But the main building of Moorim GYM,
Teach practical martial arts and have fun and joy together.
I can do it.
Teach your friends to have fun and have fun in training.
You can learn the ability to overpower your opponent.
Now, Korea has started to get vaccinated against Corona.
If you hang in there, you can beat Corona19.
He’s a man who can protect his health in difficult and difficult times.
It’s really good to start training in martial arts.
Everyone, give it a try it.

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