When I think of the sense of accomplishment in strategy

As more people work from home to Corona

Nowadays, the number of people who are doing it is increasing.

The hottest thing in recent years is those who are catching up with blogs

those who are 백링크 fighting on Instagram

Those who are fighting on YouTube

There are many people who make money by two jobs through affiliate marketing.

Let me introduce you to how to generate profits by blogging.

There are many people who are affiliated with Adpost by increasing the number of visitors

If you just conclude, the profits are not higher than you thought.

There are a lot of people who are trying to generate profits from Kupang Partners.

Naver blogs do not like to advertise their companies.

There are many cases where exposure goes well and suddenly goes to low quality.

Naver and Kupang are competitors.

There are several other companies well known for their partnership marketing.

The important thing here is the distribution structure of affiliate marketing.

If you create a partnership platform and proceed, who takes the middle margin?

Of course, the platform company takes some of the profits.

The most important key to generating revenue is direct.

If you take the company, marketer and direct profit structure, there is no intermediate margin

It’s more advantageous to marketers.
As I explained earlier, I have been able to trust the company and marketer

Because it’s a direct profit structure.
If you visit other affiliated marketing sites, the unit price is not so high.

For example, Tenping Adfic Link Price.

You can join the membership without complicated procedures and act as a full member immediately.
The profit structure itself is simple, so the payment method is also transparent.

It’s a system that you make as much as you try, but those who are good at it

There are many people who buy a few thousand a month.

Those who are professionals who are not going to work at all

It’s been on the rise recently.
You know, you know, you know, you’re not going to be able to make a profit

It’s not easy. Exposure to the changes in the dialogic flow

It’s not even easier.

If you have insurance around you, you can introduce it.

Those who do not have such a thing, but those who only receive counseling and generate profits are blacklisted

It is not allowed to be registered.
I think that the sense of accomplishment in marketing strategy is a pleasure that can be obtained if you have good performance in your own work.

Of course, I use Naver’s blog platform as the above photo data to show this level of achievement. In fact, my marketing strategy started with the feeling of competing with the world, so perhaps this is a natural result.
And when I feel the sense of accomplishment in marketing strategies, I would like to emphasize that I am doing what I am doing now or that I am working hard because of the joy of art.

In that sense, I felt that the postings in all categories of my blog were like Geneva in Switzerland, a permanent neutral country and a center of global diplomacy, so I thought that this was at least a culture and art that I saw from a cool but neutral standpoint.

Of course, I wrote this down because I thought that the sense of accomplishment in such a marketing strategy was not directly linked to the desire to show off, but it is important to keep in mind that humility and the attitude of bending wherever I go

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