If any organization had to be the first to speak out about this, it would be us.

LA Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, who has a Japanese mother and was born in Okinawa, Japan, sent an e-mail to the entire team’s organization to condemn racism toward Asian-born people staying in the U.S.

North American sports media “The Athletic” unveiled the full e-mail sent by manager Roberts to the entire team on the 9th (Korean time). The main point of the mail sent shortly after the start of spring training is that “hate and harassment toward Asian foreigners is cowardly.”

Roberts wrote an e-mail with full support from the Dodgers. “Hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific islanders have increased in the past year,” Roberts said in the mail. In recent months, these crimes have become more serious and target older people in California and New York. “That kind of bullying is cowardly,” he said. “Unfortunately, anti-Asian sentiment is part of American history. It reappeared in the Pandemic situation, seemingly attributing the problems of the world to one nation. “It is a clear mistake to attribute the pandemic to Asian Americans.

“In addition to black Jackie Robinson, the Dodgers also have a legacy as a club that allowed Asian players such as Park Chan-ho (Korea), Hideo Nomo (Japan), and Chen Jin-feng (Taiwan) to debut in the Major League for the first time.” “The Dodgers have more Asian-born players than any other major league team,” he said. “Our team also has a diverse fan base with the help of the largest number of Asian Americans in the United States.” “The Dodger Stadium was a common space for everyone,” he said, referring to the contributions of the Dodgers organization from Asian backgrounds.

Lastly, “I was born in Okinawa, Japan, and many people know that my mother is Japanese. I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Asian Americans, the community, and others who support an inclusive and open society. “May the hatred toward Asians stop.”

“We haven’t experienced racism and are tired of hearing that we shouldn’t cause problems,” 스포츠중계 said Jeremy Lin, a Taiwanese-American who played in the NBA after manager Burtz sent e-mails to the entire Dodgers organization. “We are tired of being invisible and saying that the difficulties our colleagues are experiencing are not reality,” a SNS post said, having a decisive impact. In addition, the fact that there are long-term employees in the Dodgers organization, including Japanese-American secretary Scott Arasaki and Chinese-born photographer John Suhu, also contributed to Roberts’ voice. Roberts drafted the e-mail after the call with Akasaki.

“It’s a peaceful environment to say what I believe is right,” Roberts said. The special situation for Asian Americans affected me with a mother from Japan. I saw what is happening in this country now. By showing support for Asian Americans in our organization, I had to admit that things that I thought were not right are happening in the United States. I felt that I had to do something for the inside of our organization,” he said in an interview with the media.

“Any organization should be the first to speak out about this,” Roberts said. It’s better to let the Dodgers know that they support my views and unite collectively. “There is a message that everyone should listen to,” he said. “There should be no racial discrimination against Asian Americans.”

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