I should briefly summarize and finish writing about the movies that impressed me last year.

In 2020, he watched a total of 102 movies and seven series.

Last year, I had a lot of time to watch a movie because of the special situation of Corona. However, there are reasons for Corona, but what contributed the most to watching various movies was the ot service called Netflix and Whatcha, which were not available when I was a college student. Looking back on my college days, there were many movies I wanted to see, but it was hard to find. It took me a long time to download the files I found through illegal torrent sites, or I had to find the movies I wanted to watch in the dvd rental room in the corner of the school’s fishing gate. I wouldn’t have seen it without a dvd player on my laptop. But now, thanks to the ot service, we can sit on our couch and watch the movies we want to watch, and the channels compete with each other and pour out new movies every week, making us wonder what to watch. After such a happy thought, when I enjoy movies or series at home comfortably, I often imagine how nice it would have been if Watcha had Netflix in my college days. Perhaps my cinematic insight would have widened, and there would have been some other advantages. However, considering the convenience, there would have been no memories of the desolate dvd room on the second floor of the Eomun Hall, or no romance of visiting art cinemas such as Gwanghwamun alone, it is fortunate that there was none. As I get older, I think the power of memories is more powerful than convenience, so I think those days were good as they were, and I shake off my 토렌트 regret for convenience.

The ot service is an indispensable topic in the settlement of the 2020 film, so I should briefly summarize and wrap up the main story of last year’s impressive movies.

Of the 100 movies, there are some that I can’t remember, there are some that only remember the atmosphere of the day I watched the movie, and there are some that only remember the shocking feeling, and it was quite difficult to choose an impressive movie. So I just chose movies that I remember right now, “2020 My Movies.”

  1. American History X
    It was just a shocking movie. Along with the content, Edward Norton’s acting was very creepy, and the murder scene and the final ending were so shocking that I can’t forget it.
  2. Loan 1, 2, 3
    It was a movie that felt like a burden to my heart, but I finally watched it last year. I felt that all the Noir water after the godfather was only homage.
  3. A Perfect Day
    I’m drawing a very tragic situation, but I enjoyed it because it didn’t make me sad. It was good because it was video beauty and bgm.
  4. There is no country for the elderly.
    After watching this movie, there was a standard for villains in the movie.
  5. Place Beyond the Pines
    The story is blurry, but the sadness I felt throughout the movie remains intact, so it’s an impressive movie.
  6. Moonlight
    As movie critic Lee Dong-jin said, I really liked the scene where the moment I opened the door with a “clapping” sound and entered, it became a fairy tale.
  7. Brooklyn
    Maybe it was because Uni was abroad, but I felt numb the whole time.
  8. That’s how you become a father.
    It is memorable because the eyes of a black child are not forgotten, and the parents who go through the ridiculous situation are realistic.
  9. Jojo Rabbit
    Around this time last year, I can clearly remember watching it alone on Daeyeon CGV. It was a movie that hurt more because it made war movies like fairy tales.
  10. Forest Gump
    The opening sequence often comes to mind.
  11. Zodiac
    I watched the Zodiac all the time, and the fear I felt in the cellar scene around the end is sometimes vivid.
  12. Shutter Island
    After watching the movie, I vividly remember the day when I suddenly got goosebumps while taking a shower.
  13. Rain Over Me
    It seemed similar to Demolition, but it was more desperate. I can’t remember the content, but the feeling of the pain still feels faint.
  14. Artic
    It was painful to watch the survival of a man who was really quiet and lonely, but I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

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