Perhaps Mourinho will start Bale for every league game in the last month.

Criticism is mounting against Cristiano Ronaldo (36, Juventus). They argue that the act of avoiding the ball in defense is due to a lack of professionalism.

Ronaldo was under fire after showing complacency in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 against FC Porto on the 10th (Korea time).

The situation was like this. Ronaldo, who formed a defensive wall with his teammates during the opponent’s free kick in the 10th minute of extra time, turned around the moment Porto Sergio Oliveira tried to shoot.

Unlike the general appearance of players standing on the defensive wall not being shy to prevent opponent shots, Ronaldo seemed to be trying to avoid the ball.

Coincidentally, shooting led to Juventus’ loss. Juventus won the game 3-2 after extra time, but were eliminated in the round of 16 due to the away scoring principle. As a result, Ronaldo’s mistake of hiding himself served as a decisive factor in his elimination.

Immediately there was a flurry of criticism. Italy’s Corielle dello Sport criticized the front page for publishing an article titled “I was betrayed by Ronaldo,” and Britain’s Give Me Sports pointed out that “the loss of Juventus was due to Ronaldo’s big mistake, not the goalkeeper.”

Spain’s Marca also said, “Ronaldo, who was afraid of the ball in a free kick defense situation, is being criticized in Italy,” while U.S. CNN also said Ronaldo’s unforgivable mistake led to Juventus’ elimination. Ronaldo turned his back in the free-kick situation, which led to a loss.

There has also been a series of criticisms from the soccer community. Former England coach Fabio Capello (Italy) said, “A defensive player should not be afraid of the ball. Ronaldo’s behavior with his back turned was unforgivable.”
Gareth Bale, 31, was put on the injured list as soon as he moved to Tottenham. Even after returning, there were many games that were not on the roster or started from the bench. Tottenham fans bowed their heads and Real Madrid fans laughed.

However, it was a big picture and secret project by Jose Mourinho. A Tottenham source told Football Insider on the 11th (Korea time) that Mourinho made a customized program. “The goal was to use Bale as a key player in the last month of the season.

According to sources, Mourinho noted Bale’s physical condition from Real Madrid. Bale has not played steadily at Real Madrid for the past two seasons due to his poor condition and loss of the manager’s trust.

Mourinho focused on 스포츠중계 making Bale’s physical condition 100% for the important time of the season that will come one day. “You look skinny, healthy and hungry,” the source said, referring to the changes in the veil over the past few weeks.

Bale, who raised his physical condition to the cup competition and the Europa League, was selected as a starter in the league game, starting with the 25th round of the Premier League with Burnley on the 28th of last month. He scored two goals and one assist in the match against Burnley and scored multiple goals against Crystal Palace, and Tottenham moved to seventh place in the league with four consecutive wins in the official match. It is a ranking that can be expected to advance to the UEFA Champions League by five points from fourth-place Chelsea.

Bale has yet to play full-time in the league. Last November, 78 minutes of the match against West Bromwich Albion was the longest. Bale’s full time can be the last step that Mourinho draws.

“Maybe Mourinho will start Bale in all league games in the last month,” the source said. Tottenham will have to play six games to Sheffield United, Leeds United, Wolverhampton, Aston Villa and Leicester City in May when the Premier League ends.

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