I was touched by the hotel’s service because there was even a bathtub on the other side.

Last weekend, I went to Daejeon massage place to relieve my fatigue and get a spa with my friend.

I’ve been enjoying various services like a full course, so I’m going to introduce it because I’m so satisfied.

The Dunsanspa I visited this time took about 2 minutes from Galleria Department Store.

There was a large sign outside the building, so I could find it quickly even though it was my first time going there.

Parking was also an advantage of being able to park comfortably with a nearby tower.

They gave me parking tickets when I left.

I opened the door right away, and the pleasant air greeted us.

Looking around, I was surprised because it was wider and cleaner than I thought.

I can’t help but pay attention to hygiene these days, but it’s so clean that I think I can trust it here.

Another interesting thing was that they gave me lotto and coupons right before I received the Daejeon massage.

I wondered where there would be such a generous place like this, so I thought I came to the right.

And I was supposed to get a foot spa and a massage together.

It’s very cheap compared to other places, but there are almost 10 kinds of services available, so I just heard that the cost-effectiveness is amazing.

After choosing the course, a kind employee showed me to a room where I can change clothes.

I think we were more excited because of the colorful lighting.

There are air purifiers all over the place, so I could feel that they really care about hygiene.

Maybe that’s why friends who are picky also use it comfortably.

I changed my clothes right away, and it was so touching that the staff even provided clothing care services with LG Styler.

I was surprised at the low price and I was surprised to be treated properly like a full course.

After I changed my clothes, I moved to the snack room.

The table was prepared so that I could sit down and eat comfortably, so I thought it was the most meticulous.

From warm tea to cool drinks, coffee, and water, it’s a great choice for those who are picky about food.

It was just surprising that I could use such a generous self-bar for free even before I received the Daejeon massage.

In addition, people of all ages would like the world snacks.

And there are all kinds of nutty nuts, so I wouldn’t be worried if I stayed here for a day.

After enjoying the refreshments in the snack room, they showed me to the room.

There are so many rooms. It even has numbers on it, so I realized it’s a very popular place.

First, I took care of my skin with the LED mask.

I’ve always been curious about this product, but it was so nice to use it for free because I came to get a Daejeon massage.

After I finished it, my skin became very firm, so I was proud.

Lying on this bed, getting a back massage, a mask on your face mask.

I could use two kinds of care at once.

The beds, pillows, cushions are all soft and fluffy.

It’s as soft and cozy as my own house.

You know, I felt comfortable. Haha

Next, they took a foot bath with warm water.

There was a single foot spa machine, so I could enjoy it comfortably, and there was no need to worry because the water was warm enough.

We decided to taste warm tea to calm our mind.

I chose oriental raisin tea, which is good for relief and fatigue recovery, and it was fun to see it with my eyes because it was in a luxurious glass.

I was satisfied because I felt relieved as soon as I had a drink.

Not only that, but it also had a colorful bath, so it was very satisfying.

I wanted to create a good atmosphere, but I felt uncomfortable buying bath bombs, so I was looking for an opportunity.

I was so happy to take this opportunity to enjoy the full course. ~

If you look inside, even the colorful lights came out, so it was fun to look around.

Sitting here with my feet in my mouth, I felt so comfortable and tired that I fell asleep.

I was bored because I had a meal early.

I spent my time eating boiled eggs and snacks.

After finishing foot spa, they guided me to a massage bed.

It was impressive that there were rooms where many people could get at the same time, so it was easy to visit with all my acquaintances.

There’s room for two people and four people.

I thought it would be better if I could relieve my fatigue with my family.

In addition, the staff gave me 부산건마 a ticket to check the areas I want to focus more on.

It was easy to choose because it was carefully divided, and it was great that you caught it exactly and released it.

Afterwards, I went to the shower.

I don’t need to worry because everything I need from mirror to shampoo and body wash is ready.

It was more satisfying because it was rare to take a shower after finishing the Daejeon massage.

I was touched by the hotel’s service because there was even a bathtub on the other side.

Even though it’s a place where you can enjoy Whirlpool Spa, I was wondering if it could be this cheap, so I even made a regular reservation.

The Great Massage that made me feel tired.
I was satisfied with everything. I was able to get compliments because it was my first time.

If you collect all the coupons, you’ll get a 50 percent discount.

I was really greedy because I heard that I can enjoy the course at a price.

And it’s open 24 hours a day.

If you want to go, please refer to it in advance.

I thought my parents would love it, so I thought I’d bring them here next time.

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