You had a hot healing time with your boyfriend.

My shoulder muscles have been tight lately.
I wanted to go to the shop I used to go to often.
I don’t want to go out, I guess.
I tried home care because I was worried!
At first, I bought a massage and used it.
It’s not that cool, and rather than healing,
I feel like 밤투어 대체사이트 I’m almost recuperating. My muscles don’t work out.
I’m a commuting worker, too.
I wanted to be treated periodically,
I didn’t have enough time and strength to do that.
Like a habit, I’ve been moving my shoulders by myself.
I asked my boyfriend for a massage.
They asked me how about buying some massage gel that I used at the shop.

“You can’t choose anything!”
I’ve been searching with my boyfriend for a while.
I was thinking about which product to use.
Olive Young products are famous.
It’s accessible, so it’s worth a shot.
But the more I look into it, the more I look into it,
The conditions were very strict.
I think it’s not just the shoulder muscles.
To get a couple massage with your boyfriend
No matter where you use it,
I found a safe product that is safe.

And to do that, all the skin of a woman,
I had to choose to be safe.
Fierce and heat are basic.
Drying becomes severe or severe
It can also cause trouble and inflammation.It’s more.
I’m more worried than anyone else.
I’ve chosen carefully. I’ll figure it out.
What you need to check out.
I’ll take a look at it one by one, before I buy it.
Please make sure you check it out!

“I had to check the acidity!”
For normal skin, pH is 5.5
It’s ideal, but I’ve found out a little bit more.
Women’s bodies have a pH of 3.8 to 5.
I heard that the weak acidity is beneficial to the body.
When I choose a basic cosmetic,
I always check acidity.
I have sensitive skin with a lot of trouble.
If the acid level is too high, it will cause the skin trouble.
It used to come up.
It’s a product that needs to be used throughout the body.
As long as you choose the massage gel,
I was getting more and more concerned.

“I chose a Glycerin-free.
Glycerin is the one I have.
It’s almost all in the cosmetics, too.
It’s harmless to the human body, so I’ve been.
I’ve been using it with confidence.
So when you choose the massage gel,
Why is it a glycerin-free product?
I didn’t really understand if I had to choose.
But it turns out that in Y-zone,
The skin is made up of mucous membranes.
It’s gonna cause osmotic pressure.
It makes your balance dryer.
He said he could take it down.
Well, as much as I’ve chosen for my health.
I chose the one without glycerin.

“I chose a mild heven gel for organic farming!”
The baby I chose was the one I mentioned earlier.
With a very good acidity of 4.5 pH,
I was guarding him. I didn’t have glycerin.
Plus, it’s EWG All Green.
There were no harmful chemicals at all!
And one of the reasons I fell in love with is because…
Organic lavender from Bulgaria
It had 93.95% in it.
A typical different gel can produce 90 percent or more of purified water.
He’s taking over, while he’s taking over.
Most of them are essential lavender flowers.
It’s mild and moist on the skin.
The scent was natural and deep!

I usually like lavender scents.
I’m gonna use the scent of lavender.
I’ve used Inner Perfume before.
I’ve smelled a lot of scents, but like this,
I’ve never smelled anything deep and subtle.
You really smell like a living flower.
I put it on my skin.
I think it’s just the natural extract.
Feeling more comfortable and comfortable?
It was really healing.

“Lactobacillus, Alginine, to Whitening.”
Boyfriend and each other, shoulder, back, waist.
She gave me a massage. The texture flows well like water.
The viscosity wasn’t sticky.
Thanks to you, the application was very good.
It takes care of a large area in a small amount.
Pumping 4 to 5 makes the entire back area look like a…
I’ve applied enough!

It’s moist and smooth, so you can massage it.
It was convenient. It had a wide muscle.
You don’t have to put too much effort into your hands.
I was able to solve it.
Especially when I was sick.
In the case of shoulder and mitral muscle,
When I massage alone, my hands don’t get tired.
I used to lose a lot of strength.
I used a massage gel.
Push gently as you use your force.
It relaxes your muscles.
It’s good for self-home care, too.
The fragrant lavender scent is the dome!

Lactobacillus, which is good for women,
I know it’s good for men, too.
Not only does it take care of your skin,
Functional raw material with whitening effect
The body with niacinamide
I could’ve whitened you.
Every part of the body that’s been stained.
I’m going to give you a gentle massage.
We can count on whitening.
Feels like I got an unexpected beauty item? 🙂

“It’s water-soluble, so it’s clean to the end.”
I’m going to start with the massage gel.
Oil, silicon, water-soluble, etc. when choosing
It was hard to choose the texture type.
A lot of people have recommended receptivity.
Oil and silicone have a lot of residue.
When washing after use, use a dedicated cleaning agent
necessary or slippery after wiping
They say it’s unpleasant to feel the residue.
For both health and use.
I picked a water-soluble gel.
It was washed away with just water!
It was so smooth at first, to be honest.
I thought I’d be soaking wet.

regardless of temperature
A really simple shower will wipe it off.
After using it, my skin turns smooth and moist.
And when you wash up, you can smell the lavender in your shower room.
It made me feel even more refreshed.
With a good selection of massage gels,
It’s been a while since I had a hot healing time with my boyfriend. Hah!
If you have any questions about the products I’ve used,
Search Heavenzel and buy it at the lowest price, and review carefully.
Please check it out!

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