I’m going to bring a can of beer next time I go for a ride.

Wow, how is the weather so nice these days?

The sun is nice, the sky is blue, and the weather is cool.

I don’t think I should stay inside because of him.

I’m in big trouble because I keep wanting to go outside.

A few days ago, I went to Busan after a long time.

It was sunny on this day, so we had a sudden yacht tour in Busan.

It’s exotic and you can feel like you’re traveling abroad.

Busan travel Busan experience is a must-have course.

Busan Date Busan Nolgeori Yacht Tour is

As far as I know, it departs from two big places.

The first is the yacht stadium, the second is The Bay 101.

I’m at the Suyeongman Yacht Stadium.

I used to leave at 2 p.m.

I checked my reservation 15 minutes before departure.

How to make a reservation

  1. Check the availability of reservations by wire
  2. Buy tickets online (enter date and time in memo)
  3. Send a notification text when confirming a reservation

20,000 won for adults over 20 years of age

15,000 won for 8-19 year olds.

10,000 won for a 4-7 year-old child.

Complimentary boarding for registered visitors under 3 years of age

You must bring your ID with you.

Minors under the age of 14 can board with their guardians.

Sooyoungman Yacht Stadium has lots of areas.

We went into mooring 4 sec 3 or 4.

Below is the map of Busan Yacht Stadium, so please refer to it.

I really enjoyed this day.

It’s been a while since I thought of yachting.

I was very excited even before I got on.

I rode it around this time last year and it was a great memory.

About an hour on a yacht.

It’s only 20,000 won per adult.

If you thought, ‘Wouldn’t your stomach be a bit dry?’ No worries.

It’s so new that I haven’t even opened the vinyl yet.

The yacht and I used was the only way I could find it.

We buy and operate the latest yachts ourselves.

It can be operated by lowering the unit price a lot.

Make a list of your ships before boarding.

After you get on the boat, you sterilize your hands.

Take off your shoes and change them into slippers.

These are the slippers.

Actually, I’m comfortable without slippers.

I just walked around wearing socks.

Our lives are precious.

As soon as you get on, the staff will put on the life jacket.

It’s like putting your arms in after you put them around your neck.

It’d be better to keep wearing it except for taking pictures, right?

Especially those who can’t swim in the sea like me.

I hope you wear it just in case.

As far as I know, the ship we’re on is…

It’s 2021 Fountain Pazo Elba45.

There’s a lot of space inside.

If you go forward, there’s even a hammock.

The things that are used for events.

I could see it from all over the place.

We’ve been on a public tour with the rest of us.

You can also make a reservation for a ‘private tour’ that only our party members ride.

On a special day with a girlfriend or boyfriend,

Or family anniversary.

You can rent a whole yacht for a private tour.

I think it will be a very memorable and enjoyable memory.

I’ve never been on a private tour.

You can ask about the price or time by yacht.

I’m going to have a private tour to rent a whole yacht one day.

I went to Busan from the race that day.

I had a lot of luggage, including luggage.

I was so lucky to be able to load the yacht.

Keep your carrier safe inside and go to the deck!

You’re on top of this hammock.

You asked me to go up two at a time.

To share with others.

They want us to go up only when we take pictures.

Before the ship departs, click on a picture.

But it was a good thing to take a picture.

It’s been so windy after we left the port.

It was hard to take a picture because my hair was flying.

Let’s go see the Park Hyatt where we stayed before!

The color of the sky is crazy, and the color of the sea is crazy.

I think I was sitting there screaming, “Wow, crazy.”

Busan travel essential course Busan yacht tour

I passed Gwangan Bridge to Gwanganri Beach.

I’m coming back to Busan Yacht Stadium.

I think the ride takes about 50 minutes to 1 hour.

My friend and I talked about this on the ride.

It’s similar to a cruise in New York.

This friend and I went on a trip to New York together.

We’ll leave Manhattan, we’ll go around Brooklyn Bridge.

I’m back, but I think the course is similar to here.

How many people are on board with us?

I didn’t count it exactly, but it wasn’t that many.

I think you manage the number of people.

Anyway, thanks to you, I took pictures with ease.

If you sit on one side of the yacht and take pictures with the scenery,

The picture looks so pretty, so please refer to it. Whoo hoo.

Here’s my tip for yachts and boats!

Oh, and since you’re here,

Please enter the ▼ below and press ‘Fan’ once!

It’s like a free subscription, but it gives me a lot of support!

Sitting on a yacht, click!

As you can see, there’s a seat up there, too.

I didn’t go there because people were sitting there all the time.

Click front and back only.

It’s very windy when we just set sail.

It was hard to stand because my stomach was shaking.

After passing a point, I felt better.

So I took one or two pictures standing on the hammock.

You can see Gwangandaegyo Bridge in the back. It’s so cool, right? It’s a key, ^,^

If you look at it like this,

Whether I have traveled to Busan or New York,

It’s hard to tell?!

The Manhattan skyline is the same as this!

It passes under Gwangan Bridge.

It’s like a real Brooklyn Bridge.

If you want to feel like you’re traveling in a real country,

I think I have to go on a trip to Busan or Jeju Island.

You’re so pretty again.

Gwangandaegyo Bridge and Haeundae Skyline.

I hope the weather will be like this from now until fall.

They want us to take a picture because it’s pretty.

The friend I went with had a hard time taking pictures of me.

But the only thing left is pictures. What?!

I’ll take more pictures when I can.

Stay near Gwangalli Beach for a while.

It’s coming back the way I came back.

At this time, I went to the back of the yacht and took a picture.

The fact that it comes out well even with this frame.

When I experienced the Busan yacht tour last year,

The picture from the back came out really well.

So I’m going to take a picture here again this year.

It’s become too much of a “boom” compared to last year.

But this place still looks good in pictures.

After about an 밤투어 대체사이트 hour of fun experience,

I’m back at the yacht marina.

You can experience a yacht for only 20,000 won.

It’s also amazing that you can definitely change your mood.

It’s a very cost-effective play to my standards.

People who live in Busan go on a yacht on a date.

It would be great to be able to do that.

We don’t offer any beer on the tour.

(I took out the price bubble instead of the beer.)

If you want to drink, it’s okay to bring in a can.

I’m going to bring a can of beer next time I go for a ride.

And it’s good to ride during the day.

They say the night view is so nice when you ride it in the evening.

If you’re going on a date, you can ride it at night.

Let’s wrap up with a sentimental video.

Good night, everyone.

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