When applying the gift provisions, where a loan is received by dividing several times;

At the moment, in our control area, we’re now…

6.6 billion won for the Loves, and…

From now on, every real estate transaction, including land and officetels, will have to be made.

The submission of a funding plan has been–has been proposed. It’s been proposed – it’s been proposed. It’s been proposed. Proposed – Funding Plan!

Previously, when we reported our transaction…

Recently, it’s even required to submit evidence based on funding plans, why?

We, the parents, the related parties, or the people who are responsible for the shortage

Well, as a sister, if it’s interest anyway,

To my family, not only the money, but also the interest.

It’s not being paid properly, so it’s being estimated as a gift.

The love of money (loan) profit is.

In the case of a corporation, it shall lend funds to executives or employees who are related parties free of charge or at a low interest rate;

In some cases, the difference from the appropriate interest rate is not reflected in the income statement.

A substantial amount of corporate tax (() shall be additionally borne;

At the same time, profit is payable – there is – there is – there is. Profit – Profit!

On the other hand, in the event of an individual loan, a person who does not intend to do so temporarily or accidentally.

As a profit from non-operating expenses, such as interest or fees paid for lending money;

We have 25%. I mean…

Of course, being constantly loved on loan. Ah!

A person who has received a free loan or loan for money shall be aware of the donation of profits according to the calculation of interest.

The person who borrowed money from others free of charge or at an interest rate lower than the appropriate interest rate.

In cases of free loans for money, etc. (1,000);

On the day of loan, the value of the gift property is – Do – Do – Do – Do – Do – Loan!

Value of gift property = x = 4.6%) – Actual amount of interest paid

“Eun-love” rental time.

Minimum 폰테크 applicable interest rate 218 ◦ 4.6 per cent.

= 1,000∙2.18 = Big ah!

When applying the gift provisions, where a loan is received by dividing several times;

In the case of the loan period as of each day, it shall be one year and one year;

The period is one year, one year, love.

We calculate the value of the gift given to you every year, so…

If there is a part where money is lent when preparing evidential documents under the housing financing plan;

Through a financial institution at a fixed date of interest, specifying an appropriate interest rate.

Pay and get the benefit of the benefit of the doubt.

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