People who need to achieve it with their own hands to feel more greedy as they get older.

I watched it on Netflix. After hearing an acquaintance’s recent story that he watched Nabilera as a musical.
I searched and found that there were webtoons and dramas on TVN.
I pressed it because I was curious about Netflix, but I thought why the male protagonist should be so handsome and why the grandfather character should be so ugly, so I left it aside after watching the first episode.
However, dramas like Nabilera, which explore human stories whenever I have time, have an inevitable attraction factor, and somehow they pass by once in their daily lives and finally clear all at dawn today!

There are many contents that start the story with real webtoons, whether there are a lot of writers because of the real money or if the role of a storyboard with drawings is comparable because it is trying to make a lot of content that starts the story with real webtoons.
What about cartoons, musicals, or dramas? You can adapt it to each media, attract the readers or audiences you need, and deliver the message well.

I don’t enjoy songs or melodies, but I always focus on the story in this way.
Drama is also a genre that matches well with lifestyle in my situation where I have no choice but to wander around in my daily life.
It is also helpful to take a glimpse and keep thinking.

The life of the main character Shim Deok-chul has a background of the times that is no different from that of my cousins and brothers-in-law.
I’m so used to it.
There are many brothers and sisters. Respecting individuality was hard to find.
It was an environment where baby boomers had to line up, listen well, bite their tongues, and do their part.

Sometimes, some people were relatively less hurt because they were lucky like me, while others had no choice but to abandon their dreams and survive in a difficult situation that made them cry.
After enduring all those years, youth and wealth disappeared, but the strength of life remained like a habit and became Ottogi.

Young people are sometimes asked why they live so hard, but it’s actually just a habit now.
Even if the motto of living hard before age 50 is to play while doing what you want after age 50, it becomes like a habit.
Then, I thought so when I saw the grandfather’s behavior in the last episode of the day.

We all want to complete the picture of our lives with time until the day we die regardless of age. I think that’s what Exgis is.
If you started the big picture, there are still many empty spaces, so there will be more places to draw and fill regardless of age.
It’s a finished product for others, but how impatient would it be if it was a painting that I’ve only seen half the time?

People who have faith and need to achieve what they can with their own hands become more greedy as they get older.
I hated him, but I understand him a little because he wanted to complete his life. My own thoughts that have nothing to do with the development of the drama fly.
Why did Shim Deok-chul also want to achieve his dream so persistently? Are you trying to keep your mental health alive for a long time? It won’t be.
He also has the final finishing touch.
Even though he suffered under pressure from the times, he might have wanted to complete his story by smoking a dandelion.

Watching stories dealing with older p2p 사이트 people, there are times when young people think that this is how old people look at them, so they laugh bitterly.
Well, how do you know? You’ll know when you’re old.
This is a setting that does not appeal to me, who was born in 1950, lives with my 97-93-year-old parents.
I don’t know if it’s because it’s a drama, but I want to say something because such an age is just around the corner.
I think it’s better to face our age more realistically.

It is because I wonder how much time I spent in fear in my younger days before experiencing adults who are getting older due to dementia.
He’s not that dramatically insane! Don’t worry!!!
I want to send you a word of this.
I enjoyed the drama. I especially want to give a round of applause to Park In-hwan, who had fun and played deep roles.
You’re doing great. Thank you!

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