After the foot bath, I went to the room

The Jeju Island massage I received with my friend on the last trip was memorable, so I made a reservation to warm up my long-established body.
I took a picture of Darangshi Oreum in the morning and it was a healing day because I could get full of clear energy.

Darangshi Oreum, one of the representative Oreums of Gujwa-eup, is also close to the coastal road and is loved for its eastern travel course.
The sun is so strong in Jeju that many people wear short sleeves these days
I thought it would be better to visit before the heat wave, so I stopped by.

As you walk along the trail, you will see a forest of lush cedar trees.
The road following the wooden deck was well paved, so even beginners could climb safely.

The gasping breath was breathtaking, and I admired the magnificent view in a moment.
I was looking forward to seeing the scenery if the altitude gets higher.

It’s a relatively simple course that takes less than 30 minutes to get to the normal Wolangbong
It was easy to estimate the remaining distance because there were good location maps all over the trail.

I wondered what the atmosphere of the evening would be like because the moon’s appearance on the Oreum means beautiful.
It was easy to walk along the slope because the mountains were quite neat and balanced.

A bunch of cherry blossoms blooming through the cracks added to the joy of the way.
In fact, I was thinking about getting a massage on Jeju Island, but I thought it was good to spend the holidays doing outdoor activities after a long time.

As I approached the end of the hike, I felt like I was walking around the oreum, so I started to get overwhelmed.
But the breeze in the middle cools the sweat off.

Especially, it was fun to see the main spots on the way up.
If you turn around a little bit, you can see the magnificent figure of Adeundarangshi Oreum and Seongsan Ilchulbong.

When I finally got to the top, I felt refreshed and fulfilled enough to forget the tiredness of my body.
My heart was overwhelmed by the distance I got closer to the sky.

The crater is known to be similar to the depth of Hallasan Baeknokdam.
The circumference and width were quite large, drawing attention
It was beautiful to see the summer coming again and full of green light.

Fortunately, the sky was clear and I could see the sea and Ilchulbong in the Seongsan area far away.
I was able to get drunk in the scenery like a gift before getting a massage in Jeju Island.
I was also attracted to Adundarangshi Oreum, a miniature version of this place, and I decided to visit next time because it was a more comfortable route.
After completing the race, we drove for about an hour and moved to Dongmun Market.
The aroma trip I booked on this day was near Chilsung-ro, so I stopped the car at Buksu-gu public parking lot.

There is a private parking lot in the building, but it is rather small, so I recommend you park in advance and walk.
The outside parking fee was free because the store deposit itself.
As soon as I arrived, they confirmed my reservation and helped me guide.
The shop is quite big, so it’s a long corridor
The luxurious mood of the hidden lights on the ceiling and the scented candles on the floor was different.

In addition, Jeju Island’s massage outfit is equipped in different sizes, so it fits well enough.
Of course, I was relieved because it was washed neatly.
If you go into the fitting room, there are lockers and chairs to store your dressing table and belongings.
Likewise, it was kept clean without any dust.
Also, you have a hairdryer, a simple hair product, and an extra rubber band for women with long hair on the dressing table.
Especially when I get an oil massage, my hair gets in my way, so I tied it up.

After finishing all the preparations, I headed to the foot bath room and admired the cherry blossom trees blooming in full bloom.
She was as beautiful as she was when I came here before.
The footbath in the back is painted gold on the edge of the seat, making it look antique.
There were three chairs attached, so there was no problem getting a foot bath with your companion.
It was nice to see the elephant statue that you imported directly from Thailand after a long time.
It was splendid that it flashed in gold.

Soon after, he put enough 강남안마 lukewarm water in the foot bath and dropped 2-3 drops of chino oil.
It’s the undiluted solution of the pain relief patch, so it’s excellent for recovering from fatigue.
Before the Jeju Island massage, the foot bath made my whole body tired and seemed to relieve my fatigue.
I felt that the effect was maximized because it was right after coming back from the oreum.

After the foot bath, he led me to the room, and the bedding was neatly arranged in a cozy place.
Even when I came into the room, it was filled with a good scent that made me feel comfortable without feeling pleasant.
The aroma stone massage I received this time was kept clean because it was a stone dedicated to the therapist.
First, it was the order to release the whole body according to the spot of blood and then raise the appropriately heated stone.
After applying lemon oil that is effective for mental and physical stability, stone care was done with aroma massage
My stiff body went away in an hour, and my tiredness went away.

Round recha served after all the Jeju massage
The warm and clear savory feeling made me feel comfortable.
I wanted to introduce this shop because it was more than I expected.
I highly recommend the shop with excellent service and facilities as well as the local manager’s skill.

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